Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jorge Cruise and the Fast Track Program

Ok, so I passed up my opportunity to join the Fast Track Seminar with Jorge, and maybe regretting it just a pinch.  I know Helen has started it, and I've seen a few pictures of eggs, and spinach on Jorge Cruise's Face book page.  The seminar started two days ago, and the cost was 198.00 for four weeks of coaching, video's, menu planning,  shopping list, and help at all times.  I heard a lot of people saying the price was too high.  I think he's right when he says you have to consider the big picture of Health Care cost.  If you are caring a load of weight around your middle and do nothing about it ever,  then you can expect to have major health issues such as diabetes, cancer, or  heart disease.  For some people following the Fast Track program will be a very effect way to slim down, and learn about new options on how to stay slim.  It will cause those participating in a program like the Fast Track, to gain control  over  bad eating habits. I may sign up for the next four week Fast Track Seminar if Jorge offers another one, because it  will broaden my horizons in education about weight control,  and maintaining it once I get to my desired weight.

At this time I'm not in a good financial place to sign up to do Fast Track.  Our Ford Ranger truck (98) just broke down a few days ago, and now has major engine problems.  A mechanic came by the house today to repair it,  and  during his test  drive the engine seized up on it,  and a tow truck brought it back to our house.  We are now  in search of another vehicle.

I thought the Fast Track book would be coming out on the shelves soon, but from the sounds of it, Jorge has not yet finished it.  I'm not sure when it will be on sale, but for the time being I will keep going with my Belly Fat Cure lifestyle.   I might not be dropping weight as fast as I would by doing his Fast Track plan, but the BFC remains easy, and I'm seeing results.  Knowing about the Fast Track  has made me more conscious of the fact that I need to cut out some carbs, but not all like my new found  favorite "effective"  carb  called Tabbouleh.  It is found in the bulk section in our health food store.  I just looked it up and it's a whole grain,  and 1 cup has 26 grams of fiber!  It's so simple to make too.   Start with a  1/2 cup of  Tabbouleh,  pour boiling water over it, and stir.  Add 1tb. olive oil, and chopped tomatoes  (if you like).   After it sits a moment, you can add a few tablespoons to most salads.  I  sauteed my spinach,  fresh mushrooms,  added Feta cheese, and my (premixed) Tabbouleh - 2 Tb. ,   it's so healthy and tasty.  Just the right spice blend for spinach too.    Well over this past weekend  I discovered  bulk produce such as;  split pea soup, curry lentil soup mix, and Tabbouleh.  Just a half cup of each of these items, mixed with a  little boiling water in a bowl, stir, and wallah, you've got a  great  lunch for under 5 grams of sugar, and  next to nothing on carbs.   These taste great on a snowy afternoon,  but I wouldn't know much about that!  It has been raining here for the past few days, and we have just had  our second lightening and thunder show for the winter.  It's been cold here about 62 degrees!  Say a little prayer for Rosalie too!  Hope all our Sista's are doing well and losing!


  1. Kasey, I think you can follow the plan just buy watching the grains you eat. I really dont see why he needed to come out with another book because the original BFC works great. I think you might lose faster but is this a way of eating for life? But what works for me might not work for others. I wish he would have come out with another cookbook for the bfc instead. But you gave me a great idea to try the tabbouleh sounds good.

  2. You are looking great, and I have to say you look SO much younger in the newer photos. Isnt that weird how that happens. If you didnt feel comfortable with the price of the class, then you did the right thing. Plus, you would have to give up Tabbouleh! ;-)FT is just BFC with no grains (at all), more greens, but more limited dark chocolate & stevia. If BFC is still working for you, then dont give it a 2nd thought!! You are doing so awesome as it is!

  3. As a former Atkins dieter, I feel the BFC is the best diet I have been on so far (and I've been on plenty). A little like WW in tracking, a little South Beach in eating whole grains and yes a little Atkins in no counting proteins. I also feel Jorge should have concentrated more on the BFC instead of Fast Track. Giving up carbs only makes you crave them more. I have seen results in this diet and feel satisfied. Even if the weight isn't coming off as fast, the inches are coming off and that's what counts. Good luck, you look great.

  4. To Diana: Yes a BFC Cookbook would be great. I just picked up Red Quinoa in bulk, boil for 15min. Label said a great protein source. Zero sugars, also low carb.
    Thanks Amber, I feel younger in 5 months. Before doing the BFC I felt like an old lady. Must be all the Omega 3's. Don't think I could give up Dk. Choc either.
    To Jwilso: Yes, I craved carbs after I did Atkins for about 3 or 4 weeks once, and put the weight I'd lost, immediately back on. Maintaining the loss will be a whole new animal for those coming off Fast Track, unless they stick to the keys. Thanks all for the encouraging words, and like jwilso said, it's the inches that come off, when the scale doesn't budge.

  5. Hey Kasey! You know what I say? If it aint broke...dont fix it baby! Keep on keepin on with what you are doing. Your pictures and the way you feel tell the true story! BTW, how did you post that picture at the top of your blog with your progress photos? I am still trying to figure out how to do stuff with pictures on the blog & how to put them on the home page. I am not very computer savvy so I appreciate your input!
    You are doing awesome!!! Keep up the good work and keep on keepin on!!!
    Love ya girl!

  6. Hey Kasey I got your comment about the link to my spark team so I will post it on here hope it works...we have a great group of people and it keeps growing. It takes a lot of my time so I have not been able to blog as much. But I will try this weekend. My husband is going in for surgery in the morning so I dont know if I will be able to blog until the weekend.

  7. I have been on the bfc for 3 Weeks only lost 5 lbs.I was considering the fast track but Kasey made a good point.will the weight start common.g off soon?

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